Coleen Palma is the owner and founder of Embrés Skin. She started the company with a portion of the money she received from her student loan. Rather than using the money as her living allowance, she decided to invest it into creating her dream brand and work a regular job to support herself while in business school. With her love for beauty, and her advocacy for individual empowerment, Embrés Skin was born.


Embrés Skin is a sustainable Canadian beauty and lifestyle company that is centered on self-love and self-acceptance, thus, the brand name "Embrés" which is a play on the word "embrace". Our products aim to enhance the beauty that is already there, rather than changing or masking it. We believe that embracing oneself is the key to feeling good and looking good. 

Embrés Skin currently has two products - the Embrés Skin Pink and Noir Exfoliating Gloves and the Embrés Skin Makeup Erasers; both of which are water-activated. As our company expands, we will continue to release products that are sustainable, minimalistic, and effective.